Imagine if you could enjoy the feeling of being on vacation… every day.

And for this particular vacation, imagine yourself ensconced within gently rolling wooded hills, among peaceful lakes and streams, with little but the sounds of nature to distract you. Of course vacations come all too infrequently; yet the feeling and enjoyment they evoke, may indeed linger… if you choose to make your home at Shoal Creek. Built on a dream of creating a world-class golf course within a stately, gated residential community, Shoal Creek is a uniquely natural and secluded environment, located just a short drive from downtown Birmingham, Alabama. Enjoying the morning shadow and majestic backdrop of Double Oak Mountain rising to the east, Shoal Creek offers one of the most serenely peaceful settings of any residential area, near or far. Within Shoal Creek, your home is more than mere walls and roof; it’s truly a place where life feels different.